Activities in Katwijk and vicinity?
Katwijk aan Zee

There is plenty to do in Katwijk and vicinity to turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure.
Life is good in Katwijk! Heroic courage and fisherman’s suffering, waving flags and throwing your head in the wind on the beach. We’re taking about Katwijk, where tradition is important, but where the 21st century is well-represented as well. Sports reign supremely and there is plenty of shopping to do with cozy restaurants and bars. Still, eating a delicious herring at the beautiful boulevard may be the best image that Katwijk calls to mind. Delicious after cycling across the dunes or after a stroll on the beach with the entire family. That is Katwijk at its best. Refreshing!

Tradition & History
Katwijk has the indelible tradition of a fisherman’s village. Mainly in the beautiful Katwijk Museum, you’ll find all there is to know about the turbulent sea fishing industry that has cost so many people from Katwijk their lives, but that has also brought the village so many good things, such as the traditional uniforms and the fisherman’s choirs that can still frequently be seen and heard. In the Museum you can also learn all there is to know about Brittenburg, the roman Fortress that was devoured by the sea at the coast of Katwijk.

Katwijk and Sports
Katwijk also stands for Sports
International soccer player Dirk Kuyt is the big pride of the village, with the well-known soccer clubs of Quick Boys and vv Katwijk in his wake. Add the basketball and water polo club who play at a professional level and you have demonstrated the strong sports culture of the coastal residents. No wonder that you’ll feel like cycling in Katwijk, with your head in the wind and snacks in your bicycle back. To the dunes, along the bulb fields, experiencing a piece of hinterland. Maybe you simply want to swim in the sea, or play ball on the beach. The beach is 4,5 km long and the sea is clean in Katwijk, where you’ll see plenty of people sailing and surfing near the sociable beach pavilions.

What our guests say

Je zit in Katwijk Noord, het rustige gedeelte van het strand. Ontvangst was supervriendelijk en in het huisje wachtte ons een heerlijke zak fruit op. De inrichting is basic maar ruim voldoende. Ons huisje was erg schoon en is ook makkelijk schoon te houden. Je hebt vrij uitzicht over de zee en de ondergaande zon.


We hebben ontzettend genoten in het strandhuisje. Heel veel geluk gehad met het weer, elke dag lekker met je voeten in het zand! De huisjes zijn leuk en praktisch ingericht. Ook strandstoelen en windscherm zijn aanwezig. Boulevard en centrum is op loopafstand en het winkelcentrum met supermarkt heel erg dichtbij!

September 2015

Plenty to do

There is always plenty to do at Katwijk! The countless events provide entertainment each and every season. The Week of the Sea in May is always packed with the best activities. During the summer months, you’ll find a sociable Tourist market every week and in August you can attend the annual spectacular Rescue demonstration, which is a must-see event. Finally, the many organ, pop and jazz concerns provide tons of musical pleasure.

Shopping center at sea
In January 1st 2006, Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg were merged into a blooming municipality with over 60.000 residents. Still, the pleasant village atmosphere can still be sensed in the crowded shopping center. Join the friendly people of Katwijk in the wonderful shopping streets, such as in shopping center Zeezijde, directly behind the boulevard. You’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of terraces there for the ultimate holiday feeling. And that, of course, includes a good night sleep. No problem in Katwijk. On the camping, at the hotel, hostel or in a cozy holiday bungalow or apartment at sea, you’ll always find an accommodation to your liking.